Determining the device and media class to use
During the installation process, BRMS chooses a default device based on the fastest and most automated tape drive attached to your system.

BRMS also creates media classes based upon the devices attached to your system. For example, if you have a 6380 tape device attached to your system, media classes such as QIC2GB would be created (6380 uses a media format called *QIC2GB).

To review the system policy and to determine the default device and media class, follow these steps:

1. Enter the following CL command:

2. Type an 11 at the command prompt and press Enter.

3. On the Policy Administration display, type a 1 and press Enter.

4. On the System Policy display, type a 1 and press Enter.

5. On the Change System Policy display, look at the values in the Devices and Media class fields. To use a different device or media class, see the instructions in the iSeries BRMS documentation.

6. Press F3 four times.