Preparing for multi-version capable releases
For Domino releases that are not multi-version capable, the software is installed into the library QNOTES and the directory /QIBM/PRODDATA/LOTUS/NOTES. To enable multiple versions of Domino on a single partition, several significant changes will be seen by all administrators and developers whether they choose to install one or multiple releases of Domino:
Prior to multi-versioning support, all Domino releases installed into library QNOTES and directory /QIBM/PRODDATA/LOTUS/NOTES. The QNOTES library and /QIBM/PRODDATA/LOTUS/NOTES path still exist but are shared among multi-version capable releases.
The multi-versioning support was developed with the intent of impacting customer environments as little as possible. However, based upon how you use Domino or how your applications may be written, some changes may be required. Please review the sections below as necessary to make sure you understand the possible impacts.

Installing a multi-version capable release on the same partition as Domino R5 or a release of Domino 6 prior to 6.0.3/6.5.0 will mean that all the existing servers configured on that partition will be updated during installation. These servers should be backed up before the new release of Domino is installed. Once the servers are updated as part of the installation of the new release, there is no way to revert the server and its configuration if it had not been saved. For more information on backing up a Domino server that is not multi-version capable, see either Installing and Managing Domino for AS/400 (as400hlp.pdf) or Installing and Managing Domino 6 for iSeries (i400help.pdf). These guides are available from the Lotus developerWorks Documentation Library at the following Web site: