Removing multi-version capable releases
There are some special considerations to keep in mind for removing multi-version capable releases of Domino.

Any Domino servers that are configured to use a multi-version capable release must be ended before that release's option can be removed. Failure to end a Domino server before attempting to remove that release's option will result in an error message notifying you that the server must be ended.

Once a particular release has been removed, any remaining Domino servers configured to use that release will not start. To use these Domino servers again, you must either update the server to a release of Domino that is installed, or reinstall the release option.

Multi-version capable releases of Domino can be removed in any order. For example, if your partition has both 6.5.0 and 6.5.1 releases installed, you can remove either release without affecting the other. For example, release 6.5.1 can be removed while 6.5.0 servers remain active.

Note When a Domino server's release is the primary release on a partition, some objects are copied to QSYS and QNOTES during installation. If this release is removed, these common objects are also removed from QSYS and QNOTES. If other releases of Domino are installed on the same partition, objects from the next primary release are automatically copied into QSYS and QNOTES.

To completely remove a release of Domino, you must remove every option including *BASE. To do this, type the following at a CL command line and press Enter:


where productid is the Licensed Program identifier, such as 5733L65.